Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dealing With Neighborhood Crime

Physical Security?
Physical Security? (Photo credit: davidz)
No one wants to worry about burglary or crime when living in their homes. The sense of security violated by a break in can be devastating, and the possessions lost can be permanently damaging. Here are a few ways to improve your home security in a neighborhood to reduce the risk of a break in.

Security System - It can cost you a few dollars a month, but it will certainly pay off from the value of items that could potentially be stolen from you. Picking the right one can be tough, so gather a few options that are available, evaluate the kind of home and structure you already have, and make a decision as soon as possible.

Better Keys - Burglars often know a thing or two about picking locks, so make sure your locks on all your doors are pick proof. Most locks made after the 70s are designed in an adequate way, but it's always nice to be sure. If you are able to bring in a professional, that would be ideal, but you could always take pictures and bring it in to your nearest hardware store.

Neighborhood Watch System - Get to know who runs your neighborhood watch system, and learn ways that burglars have broken in to properties within the past few years. Odds are, they will try and use the same methods, as burglars like to target the same areas that have worked for them in the past. If you don't have a neighborhood watch program set up, try and figure out what it takes to run one yourself, and network with others when doing so.


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