Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where To Put Your Patio

Garden Patio with Hot Tub
Garden Patio with Hot Tub
(Photo credits: Hot Tub Barn)
Most houses can benefit from a seating area outside - but what do you need to consider?

1. Choose a sun facing aspect if possible. It’s not going to be much fun if you’ve built your beautiful patio and there’s not a ray to be had. Also think of what your lighting options will be.
2. Surfaces for your patio could include bricks, concrete slabs, frost resistant ceramic tiles, maybe even cobbles. Using a mixture of materials will give your patio real character.
3. Always remember to leave adequate spaces for plants.
4. You might want to consider a pergola for training climbing plants over. E.g Wisteria or even Wisteria or even grape vines.
5. Garden steps must be water resistant and sturdy using paving slabs or brick.
6. Use attractive pot plants to break up the patio scene.
7. Offer border climbers a finger hold by putting up trellis around your patio.