Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learning to move on...

Should co-op boards be forced to provide a reason for board turn-downs?

The Times covered the debate in the Sunday Real Estate section-and a bill may be instituted forcing boards to do so. No date is set for the hearing. New York Magazine had an article about this sometime last fall, adding that boards may also have time limits on making their decisions.

We think this is like dating-- giving a reason is the polite thing to do after rejecting someone, but should it be mandatory? Seems extreme to enact such measures, afterall, all is fair in love. Can’t people just accept that maybe the co-op just isn’t that into you?

Everybody hates rejection but it’s a part of life. If you were accepted by every co-op you wouldn’t be as happy with true love with a real co-op when you found it. Furthermore, do you really want to live in a co-op that rejected you the first time around?

There are plenty of co-ops in the sea, not to mention condos, condops, rentals, brownstones, etc.

We can be your matchmaker, and help you avoid nasty rejection scenarios. Often, as in dating, it’s just a matter of how you present yourself. 212-734-1800.

If a Co-op Kills a Sale, Should It Say Why?, New York Times

The Rules of Rejection, New York Magazine

This post was written by HH Realty Group and originally appeared here


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